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U | 14 Nov, 1983 104 Votes

2 hrs 47 min | Action, Drama

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Zafar Khan is a wealthy businessman who can to any extent to marry Salma (Waheeda Rehman), who does not consent to the marriage because of Zafar`s underworld connections, and nor does her father. Soon, Zafar is arrested for various crimes and imprisoned for 10 years. On coming back, he sees that Salma is married to another man. After failing to convince Salma to divorce her husband, he sabotages the near-by dam and floods the area, killing Salma`s husband and separating her from her child Iqbal. Salma loses her memory to this shock and seeking opportunity, Zafar marries her. He also adopts a son from an orphanage and leaves him in the care of Salma. However, years later, he is confronted by the sufferer of his crimes, Iqbal (Amitabh Bachhan) and also does Sunny want to expose Zafar`s wrong-doings. From here on begins a tussle between truth and deception. The climax unfolds the verdict...