Creature (3D)

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Creature (3D)

UA | 12 Sep, 2014 166 Votes

Fear has a new face.

2 hrs 15 min | Adventure, Horror, Thriller


In the midst of the hilly terrains of Summer Hill, a young and enterprising girl Ahana, launches her new, warm and cozy boutique hotel called Glendale Forest Lodge. Here, she meets Kunal, a famous author who is one of the first guests at the hotel.
All goes well at Glendale till one day, Summer Hill gets attacked by `something`. Ahana is traumatized by the deaths of her guests and the havoc created because of hotel turning unsafe for visitors. A professor of Zoology, Professor Sadana comes to Summer Hill to help.
It is time to fight. She knows her competitor is the epitome of power and danger but she decides to attempt to fight.