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U | 04 May, 2018 2,607 Votes

1 hrs 36 min | Drama, Romantic

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The story takes us back to the post-Independence era in a small village in Konkan.

The main protagonist 'Keshav' has an intense love affair with his cycle. One day, two thieves on the lookout for a new adventure enter Keshav's village. They target the village headman's house since it is rumored to have solid gold deities. While the village is busy in festivities, the two manage to steal the deities along with the ornaments in the dark of the night. While returning the two are chased by dogs. As luck may have it, they pass by Keshav's house and run away with his Cycle.

Will Keshav ever find his cycle back? What does the cycle have in store for the thieves? Find out in a heart-warming story of a bunch of simple minds who all need a little fix.