D Ante D

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D Ante D

UA | 15 May, 2015

2 hrs 1 min | Comedy, Drama

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Radha Krishna is a brave police officer who wants to settle down. Whenever he finds a girl, he lands up in trouble and ruins his chances of marriage. Lakshmi Prasanna is a qualified teacher who runs a successful school. One day, Radha Krishna spots Lakshmi during an event and falls in love with her.

Conincidentally, Radha Krishna`s family fixes an arranged alliance and takes him to meet the girl. To his surprise, the girl is none other than Lakshmi Prasanna. During a friendly conversation between the couple, things get serious and they start boasting about their respective professions. The arguments gets so ugly that they challenge each other for a role reversal and prove their talent. The rest of the story is about how the couple manage their new jobs and what happens next.