D Gangs Of Mumbai

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D Gangs Of Mumbai

01 Aug, 2014

Will they reform? Or will they just return to their old ways?

2 hrs 0 min | Action, Crime, Thriller


Two young men Avi (Sanjay Kapoor) and Shiva (Aarya Babbar) are on a mission to establish their name in Mumbai as dreaded criminals (gangsters).

A series of killings undertaken by both makes them the cynosure of the police department, who wants them dead or alive. ACP Hemant Jog (Sushil Singh) is an officer whose thinking is that an eye for an eye is not the way to deal with criminals. He believes that criminals should be given a chance to reform. ACP Hemant Jog applies this method on Avi and Shiva, upon getting the necessary permissions from higher authorities and release both of them. Both Avi and Shiva Leaves the city to lead a new life where there is no running, no violence, no escape. Does he succeed?