Daag - The Fire

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Daag - The Fire

- | 12 Feb, 1999

Action, Crime, Romantic, Thriller


When Karan finds out that his father, an honest Municipal Commissioner - convicted by a manipulated judgement at Court - has committed suicide, being a former soldier, he knows that there is a lot more than what meets the eye. He finds out that it was Advocate Ravi Verma who manipulated the case and put his father in jail. Karan, hence decides to avenge his father`s humiliation and death. He gravely injures Ravi and kills Ravi`s wife Kajal (Mahima Choudhary). On returning home post recovery, Ravi finds a lady calling herself Kajal and claiming to be his wife. this, he has to believe not only because she looks exactly like Kajal, but also because he has lost all the memory of his life prior to the accident. Who is this woman? Will Ravi`s memory loss cure? And what will Karan do when he finds out that Ravi is still alive, and as it looks, Kajal too..?