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U | 09 Dec, 2011 1 Votes

1 hrs 52 min | Drama

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Parth is a young boy who finds himself living in the confines of a modern nuclear family. His overdriven parents, Siddhant and Nileema, are moving up the social ladder but have no quality time to invest in parth's upbringing. Parth misses the presence of a grandfather in his life and is adamant about meeting his. Parths father has no parents and mother has strained relation with her father so they cunningly hire an actor to play his gandfather to satisfy Parth's insistence. The struggling actor in turn with his high on human values approach changes Parth's life for good. He plays mentor to him and eventually stirs his parents to give up on their distorted perspectives. Following an argument with Nileema finally Dattu the actor vanishes with Parth.