Darr @The Mall

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Darr @The Mall

A | 21 Feb, 2014

A mall that is haunted...

2 hrs 5 min | Horror, Suspense, Thriller


Asia`s largest mall is ready for inauguration. The mall might not be visited by many though as there is a myth surrounding the mall. Over the period of its construction people have started labelling it as Haunted Mall.
The legend has it that the mall is haunted with the presence of a chudail. Some say its a typical white saree white hair ghost, others say its a woman with overturned feet. The fact is no one has seen the presence. Yet the fear is unquestionable.
On the opening eve, the owner of the mall, Mr. Manchanda calls a press conference and to dispel the fears announces that he would spend a night at the Mall with the board of directors. The news is flashed around town. Manchanda and group are not the only ones to be inside the Mall this night.
Ahana, a 20 year old fun loving girl is Manchanda`s daughter. Out of options for a place to party, this wild girl decides with her junky friends to sneak into the Mall and... call the chudail who resides in the Mall. Successfully Ahana and her four friends also make their way inside.
What happens next?