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U | 24 Apr, 2015

2 hrs 1 min | Drama

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Those who do not have a daughter desperately yearn for one and constantly seek her love in others` daughters. This film is a story of one such daughter Rucha - who as an orphan has come to accept the orphanage as her home.

Then comes a time of realization. What is a home? What are relationships? How important are they in society? Can Rucha step out of the confines of the orphanage and blossom in someone`s home ... as a daughter? Sudarshan Shastri and his family wife Kalyani, elder son Mohit, daughter-in-law Bhumika, younger son Rohit and his friend Mahak help Rucha in realizing what exactly is a home. What thoughts run in an adopted child`s mind? How do the members of the family behave with such a child?

This thought-provoking film hopes to awaken society and sensitise every citizen about such issues surrounding adoption a huge responsibility yet so easily accomplished.