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U | 25 Feb, 2011 1 Votes

1 hrs 40 min | Action, Comedy

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Davpech is the story of a village Phoolgaon and a flower seller Gulabrao. Phoolgaon is a colourful village. Gulabrao Kaate is a prestigious person of this village and his business is selling flowers. Everyone living here is named after some or the other flower. Punya Theft is a popular game played in Phoolgaon. Every year, the winner of this game becomes the sarpanch of Phoolgaon. Since this game is very competitive, there are many Davpech (tricks) applied to win the game. Daadu is the boy who brings the thieves, Vyankat and Nilkanth from outside the village. Now the question is, why has Daadu roped in two thieves to play this game? Will the two of them help Daadu in winning it? Whose tricks (davpech) will be a success?