De Dana Dan

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De Dana Dan

UA | 27 Nov, 2009 174 Votes

2 hrs 42 min | Comedy, Drama

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Two broke best friends + their rich girlfriends desperate to marry them+ the girls` respective fathers desperate to marry them off elsewhere + a bankrupt businessman who`s getting his useless son engaged to every heiress in town to pay off his debts+ assorted characters like a Chinese Don, a hired assassin, a rich bitch, an ACB officer, a club dancer, an ambassador, a young frustrated wife, a letch, a drunken waiter, a dead body nobody wants and above all Moolchandji - the most pampered dog in the world.enjoy their antics in De Dana Dan. Throw in a kidnapping, mistaken identities and mistaken room numbers; an assassin on the prowl, a wedding.relish the mayhem in De Dana Dan. Multiple stars.. Multiple madness.Multiple laughs. only in De Dana Dan.