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- | 25 Jun, 1992

Action, Drama, Romantic

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Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) and Kajal (Divya Bharti) fall in love and marry. However, Ravi`s greedy uncle Pratap (Amrish Puri) and cousin Narender (Mohnish Behl), plan to kill Ravi and get him thrown off a cliff.
Now Kajal`s mother-in-law (Sushma Seth) takes her away from there to help her overcome the depression of losing Ravi. In the new city, they come across Raja (Shah Rukh Khan) who falls in love with Kajal. Despite knowing she is a widow, he asks her mother-in-law for her hand. They get married and after Raja`s accident Kajal realizes her love for him. They lead a happy life when one day Raja brings home a friend who he rescues from hoodlums. The friend turns out to be Ravi. Shocked Kajal realizes that Ravi had escaped his uncle`s plan to murder him.
Now will she go back to Ravi or live with Raja happily ever after?