Dhaage Dore

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Dhaage Dore

UA | 01 Jun, 2012

Crime, Drama

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Builder, Indrasen Shirke`s only daughter, Manju is a spoilt child. Her friend Tejas` close friend, Prasad has platonic feelings for Tejas but she is in love with him. Manju soon confesses her feelings to Prasad and the duo elope.

Prasad`s family, the Karniks, are a middle-class family, while Manju and her parents are very wealthy. Prasad and Manju belong to different worlds and a minor misunderstanding causes Shirke`s to claim that their daughter was being abused. To aggravate matters further, Manju accidentally slips from the fifth floor and dies.

The Shirkes turn to Advocate Bhalerao, a renowned lawyer, for help and Prasad is tried for his wife`s murder. There are no eye-witness testimonies but what ever circumstantial evidence the Shirke`s have is in their favour!

Then, Tejas accepts the case on behalf of her friend Prasad. What is Tejas` strategy in the courtroom? What evidence does she uncover from the site of the death? What proof of malafides is she able to produce in court?