Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar

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Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar

U | 29 May, 2015

1 hrs 49 min | Comedy, Romantic

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Dhurandhar and Bhatawdekar are diametrically opposite personalities made to live as roommates in a facility administered by an attractive 55 year old Mrs. Damle. Three levels of romances occur in various age groups. A juvenile love track in the form of Mrs. Damle's daughter and her fiance from college, a middle aged romance of Dr. Patkar and the gym trainer Fiona Gonsalves, and a mature romantic triangle of the two central protagonists with Mrs. Damle.

This however transcends into a sort of a Tom and Jerry situation with Dhurandhar and Bhatawdekar pitted against each other in a romantic battle to get the girl. The rest of the cast supports either one in this battle. The film deals with some pertinent issues of senior citizens as well albeit in a very funny manner.