Diary Of A Butterfly

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Diary Of A Butterfly

A | 02 Mar, 2012

I ended up doing everything, my mom asked me not to do

1 hrs 40 min | Drama

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A story about a girl named Gul who starts her journey to the `city of dreams` - Mumbai - for success from her hometown. When she is leaving from home her mother gives her a diary to record her day to day activities. She also gives her a note which has some meaningful lines. Once in Mumbai, Gul finds work at a Fashion House. She stays with her friends Piya, an accountant at the same Fashion House and Carol, a spa owner. Soon she becomes complacent about the things she has been gifted with, using people to reach to the top. Until the point when she realises her grave mistake of having hurt the many people who cared about her causing them to drift away gradually.

To amend her past actions, she decides to read the diary her mother gave her from the start just to check who she treated the worst. She decides to undo what she has done by apologizing to everyone who she trampled to move ahead only to find the truth about the city of Mumbai and the corporate world. But the shocking revelation teaches her to remain the same arrogant and reckless person she had become to continue her journey to attain more success but on her own terms.