Dil Dosti Etc

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Dil Dosti Etc

A | 28 Sep, 2007

When You Are Young, You Believe The Possibilities Are Endless.

1 hrs 50 min | Romantic

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Dil Dosti Etc is an unabashed uninhibited look on how today's teenage boys think about life and opts the way to lead their life. It is based on two students studying in Delhi University. Through Apurv (Imaad Shah) a rich cosmopolitan guy and Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade), a typical old fashioned Bihari guy. The movie revolves around perfectly around modern and liberal along with Old fashioned and conservative society.Sanjay is an ambitious and focused student politician with his sights set on what he wants from life. While on the other hand Apurv's life is without any direction. But with money and time at his side he makes most of both by utilizing them for searching for meaning of life through flings with various girls. Vaishali (Smriti Mishra), plays a school girl and a rich model who is very beautiful but sharp tongued prostitute who never has any attachments with her customers. On the other hand there is another school girl Kintu (Ishitta Sharma) who remains aloof to Apurv's flirtatious behavior and plays very hard to get. Prerna ( Nikita Anand) plays a South Delhi bombshell who harbors aspirations for becoming international model but still she ends up getting attracted to down to earth but suave student politician Sanjay.