Din Dehade Lai Jaange

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Din Dehade Lai Jaange

UA | 29 Nov, 2018

2 hrs 13 min | Comedy, Drama, Romantic

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DDLJ (Din Dehade Lai Jaange), as the name suggests is about a potboiler, with the backdrop of two people coming together, and the challenges they face in doing so. Raj is on the run, fed-up off his parents trying to hook him up with a suitable match, Simran. Simran also runs away and that causes a rift between the families. As Simran and Raj end up together on the run, not knowing each other. Initially, their interaction becomes an altercation, which later ends up into love.

As they come back to their families, they come to find out that the rift between the families has become feudal, and there is no way the families would end up agreeing to their match. Simran's family finds another match for Simran, an NRI named Sam, who is an old friend of Simran's, as well. Sam comes to know of Simran's dilemma and vows to help her and Raj.

As the preparation of the wedding is underway, Simran, Sam, and Raj posing as Sam's friend, end up at Simran's place. Confusion ensues as Raj tries to woo Simran's parents, all in vain. Confusion takes an unexpected turn as Simran's father's twin, who is a small time dacoit, kidnaps Simran's father, with the help of his two disciples Sunny Singh 1 and Sunny Singh 2, and takes his place.

Will Simran and Raj end up together, will the families come together, is the jest of the story?