Direct Ishq

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Direct Ishq

UA | 19 Feb, 2016 108 Votes

The fight for Dolly`s heart is on!

2 hrs 3 min | Comedy, Romantic


Direct Ishq is an action packed romantic comedy with melodious songs, shot in the holy city of Benaras.
Situated on the banks of the Ganges (Ganga), Banaras is one of the oldest and most religious cities of India. Flocked by lakhs of tourists and devotees every day, Banaras is the holy grail of Indian culture. The Ganges gets beautifully decorated in the evenings with various lights and flowers placed there to please the Gods. The uniqueness of the holy city lies in their language, their culture and even their songs.
The Holy City is also home to a girl called Dolly Pandey. On the outside she seems very bubbly, mischievous and doll-like, however on the inside she is wise, cautious and keeps boys at a distance at all times. Her dream is to become a singer and wants her dad and the whole city to be proud of her. But destiny can be quite unpredictable. She meets two boys named Vicky and Kabeer who end up changing her life.
Vicky Shukla is a local boy from Banaras. A president of the Kaashi Vidyapeeth, Vicky is a rough and tough, aggressive boy who believes in always having a revolver with him, because he is always up for a fight. But this boldness turns into complete shyness when interacting with girls. He soon meets Dolly Pandey and falls in love with her.
On the other hand Kabeer is a smart, good looking boy born in a rich family of Banaras but educated in Mumbai and works there doing music shows and events. His grandmother wants to fix him up with her friend`s daughter, but instead Kabeer meets Dolly Pandey and also falls in love with her, while helping her make a career as a professional singer.
Which one of these boys will win Dollys heart, Kabeer or Vicky?