Disco Sannya

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Disco Sannya

UA | 05 Aug, 2016 175 Votes

A film based on the two sides of our society.

2 hrs 11 min | Comedy, Drama

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Shreyas Kale (Sanjay Khapre 38) is an arrogant millionaire, while Disco Sannya (Parth Bhalerao 15) is a 15 year old slum kid raised on the streets selling variety of products at the signals. The story of the film DISCO SANNYA is woven around these two individuals and the collision of their disparate worlds, arising out of a small spat between the two.

It's a story akin to the famous cat and mouse tales of Tom and Jerry. What secrets of Shreyas' does Disco Sannya know that keep Shreyas giving in to his every crazy demand? Can Shreyas ever come out on top in this race? To what lengths would the two go in order to win and show their superiority over the other?

The plot is full of twists and turns filled with family drama and spiced with comic episodes. The movie truly is a roller coaster ride that flips everybody's life upside down. In this topsy turvy tale, they are unwillingly joined by Anjali (Chitra Khare 36) Shreyas' wife as well as by their son, Abhimanyu (Nihal 13).

The movie takes fresh take on the two sides of our society, the Crorepati and the Zopadpatti! Can these worlds ever converge? Will each accept the other? Watch Disco Sannya to know more!