Dream (Telugu)

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Dream (Telugu)

- | 23 May, 2012


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``Dream`` is an Indian 2012 Telugu-language film directed by Bhavani Shankar K which features Rajendra Prasad, Pavani Reddy and Jayashree in lead roles. The story revolves around a retired Army officer who did not get to fight the Kargil war.

He now lives with his wife in a upscale gated community spending most of his time playing war video games. The hero suffers from hypnagogia, a rare medical disorder. He starts dreaming and believes that his dreams are real. There is a story running in his dream and another in his real life. In a particular stage, he fails to see the demarcation and these subconscious thoughts play havoc in his life and impact the people around him. Dream is this journey into the mind of the protagonist.