Dulha Mil Gaya

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Dulha Mil Gaya

UA | 08 Jan, 2010

Amritsar se amreeka hil gaya

2 hrs 32 min | Romantic

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Everyone has their own take on love, and their expectations from it differ with the importance the give it in their lives.

Dulha Mil Gaya portrays four such characters from different walks of life.

Donsai and Pawan Raj Gandhi (P.R.G.) are rich men with totally different perspectives. While Donsai is averse to a commitment of any kind P.R.G.is a generous romantic who believes that there is nothing greater than love in the world. Shimmer is a glamorous diva who loves her independence and is completely goal oriented, focussed on earning success, with love at the bottom of the list. Then there is Samarpreet, a typical shy Punjabi kudi dedicated to love and lives for it.

The movie shows us what happens when these varied characters meet and their love stories get entwined. The crossing of paths leads to the characters influencing each other, thus changing their views about love, relationships and life.

Their journey is depicted with humour and fun. The characters exist in today`s world making it quite amusing.