Duniya Geli Tel Laavat

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Duniya Geli Tel Laavat

UA | 10 Jun, 2016

A story of a man that changes due to circumstances.

2 hrs 11 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller


This is a story of young man Raja living in a village. Raja is straight forward, obedient and always honest. His honesty often gets the villagers in trouble. Fed up with the daily conflicts with
villagers, Raja goes to his childhood friend Anthony in the city, where he gets conned by goons. Having no food for a couple of days, Raja decides to change himself. The new Raja is now a new con-master and starts to con people like he was conned.
Raja finds his love in Priya and eventually she too falls in love with him. Con master Raja is rich by now when he visits his village for his sister's wedding. It is there that his con-life gets exposed and it breaks his sister's marriage. Hurt by this, Raja decides to earn lost respect and love. This unfolds a thriller - Can Raja gets his respect back? Can he get his love back? To know the answer watch Duniya Geli Tel laavat !