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UA | 14 Mar, 2008


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Duniya also tells the story of the mean and crude Bangalore underworld where the fittest will survive with their money and muzzle power. Film Director Soori has relied more on the reality and has taken his camera to depleted and exhausted structures. Soori has used his talents as a writer of brilliance to bring about the world of dark shades. His dialogues add the needed punch to the film`s presentation.

The protagonist of the film is Shivalingu, an uneducated but innocent person who can not count more than twelve. He comes from a village to the city after burying his dead mother in search of a living. In a quirk of circumstances Shivu has to save Poorni, a college going girl who is taking refuge in a hostel. The couple is trapped by the police as they are in the company of some dadas. Then Poorni is shunted out from her Ashram and has no other go than to be with Shivu. Shivu becomes a pawn in the hands of some local thugs who use him for their work. But his innocence and honest traps Poorni who wants to reform him. Poorni starts loving Shivu, but he does not have any feelings towards her. Shivu becomes a victim of the gang wars and his name is associated with two murders that he had not committed. The police hunt makes his life extremely miserable. Then Poorni decides it is better to end life with Shivu than making him the target of Police.