Ek Aadat

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Ek Aadat

UA | 24 Sep, 2010


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The story is about a girl Sonia (Kashish) who is an aspiring actress. One day she meets Armaan (Punit) who saves her life during a movie shoot. And they come close to each other this way.
Meanwhile, Armaan meets Shiva (Aryeman) who belongs to a small town and they become friends. Shiva meets a girl Anjali on professional terms. But they start liking each other`s company.
Days pass by and Sonia realises that she is not happy with Armaan although she loves him and doesn`t want to lose him. One day, Sonia and Shiva happen to meet each other. They feel drawn towards each other and get into a physical relation.
Both Armaan and Shiva come to know about this behavior of Sonia. They ask Sonia what she wants from both of them.
Who does she choose forms the crux of the story.