Ek Niranjan

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Ek Niranjan

A | 29 Oct, 2009 183 Votes

Action, Crime, Romantic


''Ek Niranjan'' tells the tale of Chotu, who was stolen in infancy by Chidambaram (Makrand Deshpande) to be made to beg in the streets. Chotu, instead, helps the police raid Chidambaram's place and gets a reward for it. This inspires him to work for the police, helping them to catch criminals. He grows up doing this, and once, on one of his assignments, he comes across Sameera (Kangna Ranaut) who is a guitar teacher. Her brother, too, is a goon, who works for Johnny Bhai (Sonu Sood). When he is sent on the mission of arresting her brother and Johnny Bhai, a turn of events ensues and Chotu finds himself scaling the lengths of countries for his love, and his job.