Ek Tera Saath

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Ek Tera Saath

UA | 21 Oct, 2016 748 Votes

The film explores the possibility of hauntings being a myth.

2 hrs 0 min | Horror, Thriller

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Today when all the palaces of Rajputana are modified into lavish heritage sites hotels, Prince Aditya Pratap Singhchose to not transform Darbar Palace into a hotel. He falls in love with a gorgeous lady Kasturi in Simla and marries her. However, Princess Kasturi dies in a fatal accident, yet her soul still resides in the palace. The palace is now known as a Horror Palace due to the various paranormal activities associated with it.

An old college friend, Sonali learns about his wifes tragic death and tries to console him. Gradually, their friendship turns into a much stronger relationship which the possessive spirit does not want. Sonali decides to stay by Aditya`s side forever.

On the other hand, Suryakant Singh, a dashing police officer coincidently visits the palace. He is shocked to see the activities in the palace and escapes, but haunting mysteries persuade the officer to return back. In the midst of these spine-chilling events ,as the story unveils and the truth unleashes, who is the chosen one is unimaginable to anyone living or dead.

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