Ek-The Power Of One

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Ek-The Power Of One

UA | 27 Mar, 2009

2 hrs 23 min | Action, Drama


Nandu (Bobby Deol) is an orphan turned assassin. He`s framed for a politician`s murder and is on the run. While travelling on a train, he meets Puran (Akshay Kapoor), who is on his way to his hometown after fourteen years. They talk through the journey and Puran tells Nandu all about his joint family and the wedding of a cousin that he is on his way to attend. Soon, the police catch up with Nandu and shoot him. But unfortunately Puran takes the bullet while shielding his new friend and dies on the spot. Nandu goes to Puran`s family home to return his grandfather`s watch and also to inform his family of his tragic death. But, in their joyful state amidst the celebrations, they presume that Nandu is Shekhar and drag him full on into it. Preet is a friend of the family and falls in love with Nandu on first sight. Nandu also likes her but CBI Inspector Rane is all out to look for the politician`s murderer.
Will Nandu ever ride over the crisis? Who is the actual killer? What happens to Nandu and Preet`s love?