English (Malayalam)

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English (Malayalam)

UA | 24 May, 2013

1 hrs 56 min | Plays

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Shyamaprasad's 'English' is the story of the Malayalee diaspora in London.

Shankardas is a Kathakali artist who longs to return to his hometown but certain obstacles prevent him returning home. Nikhil (Nivin Pauly) is an IT professional from the Gulf who lives life king size in London. He is born and brought up in Gulf. Gauri has come to join her husband in London. There is Joy who runs a store in London who lives with his wife, children, his mother and brother. Lastly, there is Dr Ram (Murali Menon) and his wife Saraswati (Nadiya Moidu). Saraswati comes from a traditional Brahmin family and consequently finds it hard to adjust to life in London.