Fekam Faak

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Fekam Faak

UA | 12 Jul, 2013

2 hrs 5 min | Comedy, Drama

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Fekam Faak is about salesman Gopianath Desai, very humorous, fun loving character, who always loves to make stories out of nothing in an entertaining way. A salesman of consumer products, Gopi is loved by everyone in the neighbourhood. Gopi`s father Shrikant Desai is a mill worker, with mother Sulochana and sister Hema, the Desai`s are a close knit family. 

Sneha, the female lead in the film, is tough competitor to Gopi , as they both work for same agency as sales representatives. She is pampered child of the family, both of them fight often. But what starts with light hearted, foolish stories turns out to be biggest terrifying truth for Gopi.