Film Star (Malayalam)

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Film Star (Malayalam)

UA | 14 Jul, 2011

Action, Drama

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The story is about Nandagopan (Dileep), a villager who writes the story of his own life and sufferings and wants Sooryakiran (Kalabhavan Mani), who is a south Indian superstar, to make a film based on it. When the meeting finally happens one night, the star is in a foul mood and behaves rudely with Nandan, who abandons the idea of making the film, but leaves the script behind. Sooryakiran, who always boasts of coming up the hard way, reads the script later and is so moved by it that he decides to make the movie.

The film shows Sooryakiran making Nandan`s dream project, overcoming the hurdles put in the way by a caucus of politicians led by a headstrong minister (Devan).