Freaky Ali

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Freaky Ali

UA | 09 Sep, 2016 13,682 Votes

A sports film with a twist.

2 hrs 0 min | Comedy, Drama


Ali, a petty businessman struggles to make ends meet. However, in a twisted fate of incidence, his fortune 'tee's off and he goes on to become a champion golfer. Ali (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a small-time businessman runs a undergarments store but is unable to make a decent living. Frustrated about not being able to make enough money to take care of his step-mother, Sulbha (Seema Biswas), he joins his friend Maqsood (Arbaaz Khan) in his debt extortion businessman operated by a local goon, Danger Bhai (Nikitin Dheer). Once when the duo goes to collect extortion money from a rich businessman, they spot him playing golf.

After waiting for hours, Ali gets into an argument with the businessman and claims that Golf is easy. Although he had never played Golf before in his life, he hits the ball cleanly. This leaves the businessman and his caddy, Kishan Lal (Asif Basra) awestruck. Soon Kishan Lal, who also lives in the same area as Ali encourages him to leave the extortion business and become a golfer. Ali takes Kishan Lal's whom he calls 'chacha' advice and starts his professional Golf training. Ali, being natural, he picks up the sport quickly and is ready to compete at a professional Golf tournament.

While Ali, Maqsood, and Kishan Lal are at a qualifying tournament for the National championship, Ali meets, Vikram Rathore (Jass Arora), the current National champion and his manager, Megha (Amy Jackson). At the first meeting itself, Vikram insults Ali, which sparks a rivalry between the two. Ali secures the last position in the tournament and successfully qualifies for the National championship. Slowly but steadily, Ali rises up the rank and goes on to win several championships before going head-to-head with Vikram at the National Championship tournament.

At the final tournament, Ali gets off to a shaky start but soon gains momentum and catches up with the leader, Vikram Rathore. On the penultimate day of the championship, Vikram sabotages Ali and breaks his arm after intoxicating him. Ali, severely injured faces the threat of being ousted from the championship, which would mean Vikram would be crowned the champion for the sixth consecutive time. However, Ali defies all odds and despite his injury, the shows-up at the tournament and competes with Vikram. The two engage in a scintillating battle, matching shot for shot and are tied with an equal number of points, with just one shot away to victory, Ali pulls off an impossible shot to pot the ball in the hole and win the championship. Impressed by the raw talent of Ali, Vikram too appreciates his victory and call him 'Freaky Ali.'

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Freaky Ali: Film Review – An Absolute Laugh Riot!
Verdict: Nawazuddin Siddiqui hits the right shot with this comic role. The three Khan brothers join forces once again to give us another light film, Freaky Ali. In this film, you will see Nawazuddin Si...
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Ashwani   rated it
Freaky Ali (U/A)
only nawaaz was good... first half was going towards a good movie... climax spoiled everything. from a classy movie to suddenly it became a b or c category comedy movie. there was no need for danger bh...