Friday (Malayalam)

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Friday (Malayalam)

U | 18 Aug, 2012

Drama, Thriller

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The film tells the life stories of many people who arrive into a town on Friday 11 November 2011 (11-11-11) to mess up their life into confusing proportions.

Balu (Fahadh Faasil), an auto-rickshaw driver by profession, lives by taking it on daily rent. He is least happy with the way the day has started off. He has just learned that a jack fruit has fallen over the roof of his house. We see the poor condition he lives in as he does not have the money to repair the roof of his house.

Out in the city, Aswathy (Nimisha Suresh) is busy shopping for her wedding. Accompanied by her grandfather (Nedumudi Venu), sister and mom, she is seen quite busy attending the phone calls of her beau Achu (Tini Tom) who is incidentally in the city as well.

Muneer (Manu) is the son of the auto-rickshaw owner that Balu runs. He is a typical young college student who refuses to do anything that his mother wishes him to do. Muneer and his girlfriend Jincy (Ann Augustine) decide to head over to the beach, as a holiday has been declared for the college.

A fully pregnant beggar woman roams the city with hopes of finding a place where she could deliver her baby. Another mother (Seema G. Nair), whose daughter in law has just delivered a baby, has to head back home with the newborn, as the hospital decides to discharge her all on a sudden, due to want of beds.

Arun (Prakash Bare) and Parvathy (Asha Sarath), a childless couple, also lands in Alapuzha on the same day, to adopt a child. They are quite in a hurry, and have to leave back to Bangalore by evening, and when the orphanage officials demand a certificate to complete the adoption procedures, they find themselves in a fix.

A single incident that happens on that day unites them together and this forms the crux of the story.