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U | 03 Feb, 2017 3,238 Votes

2 hrs 35 min | Comedy, Romantic

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Fukri, an out-and-out family entertainer revolves around the very aristocratic Muslim family that goes by the name 'Fukri', an epitome of generations worth elite Royal ancestry. Another romcom from the hit maker Siddique, this is the first of its kind with Lal, acting in a movie written and directed by Siddique.
The current head of the family is Sulaiman Fukri and the story revolves around him welcoming back his long lost grandson and son back to the Fukri bungalow. A series of slapstick comedy unfolds as the long lost grandson turns out be an imposter, a con artist who goes by the name Lucky. Lukeman aka Lucky is an engineering dropout who now survives by being a ripoff artist. Due to a series of coincidences he ends up in the Fukri bungalow as Jr. Fukri son of Ali Fukri, Sulaiman Fukri's long lost son.
The story takes a turn as Ali Fukri, a nomadic traveller now returns home to find Lucky, an imposter claiming to be his son. Ali Fukri takes this an opportunity to use Lucky as a pawn against his father, whom he claims to be the reason responsible for his failures in life. Also part of the movie is Aaliya, daughter of Ali Fukri and his niece Nafsi, who is also the love interest of Lucky.
The story moves up a notch as Lucky refuse to help Ali and discloses his real identity to Sulaiman Fukri and leaves the Fukri bungalow. But he is followed by Ali, who intends to bring him back to the Fukri bungalow to be utilised to crackdown on Sulaiman Fukri for having wrecked his life. The story reaches its happily ever after ending as Lucky, now plays the nucleus role in sorting out the misunderstandings between Ali and his father Sulaiman Fukri.