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U | 04 Feb, 2011


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Aswathi (Kavya Madhavan) is a lower mid-class Malayali woman from Pattambi, Kerala. She gets married to a small-time goon, Radhakrishnan (Biju Menon) who confesses her about his pre-marriage life and assures a complete change. Unfortunately after a short period of happy life, he is killed. Due to the financial constraints of her family and the untimely death of her husband, Ashwathi is forced to be the bread earner of the house and opts to go to the gulf. Usman (Suraj Venjaramood), who is the car driver of an Arab family, belongs to Aswathi`s village and he arranges the visa for Aswathi and brings her to Saudi Arabia. She lands in Saudi Arabia and thus follows a life of slavery and torture.

Aswathi had to face numerous troubles - sexual abuse and battery- in the sponsor`s house. Ashwathi is accompanied by Usman, who actually brought her to all the miseries. However, he indulges in a sexual affair with the Indonesian maid there and gets caught and is kicked out of the sponsor`s house. Aswathi helps the other maid to escape the premises and in turn is tortured as punishment.

Later she herself escapes to prevent the torture that is inflicted upon her. Whether or not she safely returns home forms the crux of the story.