Gadya Aapla Gaon Bara

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Gadya Aapla Gaon Bara

U | 04 Jan, 2013

1 hrs 41 min | Drama

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Must a village die for a city to be born? The entire country is asking this question with anguish. Picturesque Goa, which is on the verge of celebrating the Golden Jubilee of its Liberation, is no exception. Until now, amidst shifting sands of change, Rosies tavern was an Oasis. Rosie is a widow who lives with her daughter, Kranti, running a bar in her houses backyard of her house. Her tavern serves as a spot where the men in the village gather in the evenings to share their views and drown in their personal sorrows. Nana who was a part of Goa`s freedom struggle comes from Sangli in Maharashtra to Goa, responding to an invitation to participate in the Jubilee ceremony. Accompanying Nana is his son Hari who represents todays youth. Land sharks are eying the village land and disturbing the village tranquility. The local Sarpanch has become their henchman. Gramsabhas are the voice of the people but are opposed by those who believe that might is right. Nana feels the need for yet another liberation movement in Goa. Will Nana`s Satyagraha triumph? Or will the villages in Goa lose their own soul to become prosperous?