Gandhi Smiles (Kannada)

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Gandhi Smiles (Kannada)

- | 18 May, 2012


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`Gandhi Smiles` on `Grama Swarajya` has been inspired by the film ``12 Angry Men``. A similar film `Dashamukha` earlier dealt with the same theme and released a few weeks back. It depicts a Dalit girl who gets pregnant by a Gowda community boy only to be deceived by him. The film depicts the issue being handled by the Chief minister and Chief justice. Twelve people from diverse backgrounds hold a conference for deciding the follow course of action.

Krish Joshi has written the script and dialogues while Raghavendra Kamath has produced and directed this film. The film also stars, CR Simha, Umasri, Pavitra Lokesh, Suchindra Prasad, KSL Swamee, Nivedhitha, Mukyamantri Chandru among others.