Gauri - The Unborn

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Gauri - The Unborn

A | 30 Nov, 2007

The Unborn

1 hrs 38 min | Horror, Thriller

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Shivani, a nine year old, is the daughter of a happily married couple, Roshni (Rituparna Sengupta) and Sudeep (Atul Kulkarni). One fine day they all gather to discuss their vacation trip for this summer. The conclusion arrives to visit their ancestral house which had something in store for their nine year old. This house revealed some unspoken secrets of the couple`s life before Shivani was born. Their one mistake to abort their unborn to achieve heights in their career shall haunt them all their life. To experience the terror in your mind and chills down your spine of the curse that`s haunts the family, look out for Gauri-The Unborn.