God For Sale Bhakthiprasthanam

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God For Sale Bhakthiprasthanam

U | 28 Jun, 2013 6 Votes

2 hrs 13 min | Drama


God for Sale is a satirical take on what all determines the faith of a person. The film opens with the arrest of Poornananda Swami who is alleged to perform child sacrifice. His story is unveiled through versions put forth by the accused and his brother.

The plot of the movie shifts to the seventies. Attingal village is home to Kamalasanan Pillai, a tailor. One fine morning, after a Kadhaprasangam performance, Pillai was found dead under suspicious circumstances. From there, the plot shifts to a more contemporary period. Prasannan (Kunchakko Boban), son of Kamalasanan Pillai, is now a hardworking daily wages labourer, who has a lady love. Again, the backdrop changes, and the protagonist is seen as a brilliant law student in a famous college. Prasannan confronts some bitter truths in his early life that alters his personality. When he joins the college, he is attracted to Leftist thinking. Later he falls in love with a rich woman, and eventually turns into an affluent person, and an emotional downfall turns him into an alcoholic. The journey of Prasannan from there to the retreat centre and ultimately to a person who claims to be the avatar of God is the storyline of the film.