Good Luck

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Good Luck

UA | 08 Aug, 2008

1 hrs 59 min | Comedy, Romantic

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This is the story of Vicky Verma (Aryeman Ramsay) who is in search of good luck, right after his college when he didn`t find a job. He meets a girl Saba (Sayali Bhagat) at a masked party where they kiss and their lucks exchange. Her good luck goes to him and she goes haywire. He therefore ends up signing a contract with Tarun Chopra (Lucky Ali), only to be cancelled when Saba kisses him back to get her good luck. However, she later comes to know that Vicky needed the luck for his little cousin who has a heart problem. Does this knowledge let Saba give him the good luck back? Or is Vicky again left helpless at the hands of fate?