Gowri Putra (Kannada)

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Gowri Putra (Kannada)

- | 27 Jul, 2012


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Ganesha is a kind person who is eager to get married, but his attempts fail as he emphasizes on truth, and does not attempt to hide anything about himself. After continuous rejections, Ganesh comes across a girl named Vidya, who agrees to marry him. But on the day before marriage, Vidya elopes to get married to her boyfriend. A dejected Ganesh takes the blame on himself and walks out of the marriage hall. But Vidya`s father, who feels humiliated, takes on the onus to get Ganesh married to a good girl. Ganesh`s dejection gets converted into confidence when he meets Shekhar Nag, a physically challenged person facing adversities with courage. What happens when fate makes him comes across a girl who had rejected him before?