Guddu Rangeela

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Guddu Rangeela

UA | 03 Jul, 2015 3,919 Votes

A random kidnapping leads to revenge!

2 hrs 6 min | Comedy, Drama


Two cousins Guddu and Rangeela run a small-town orchestra while also moonlighting as informants for local gangs. While younger impetuous Guddu can`t keep his hands off women, Rangeela is still fighting a hopeless court case to avenge the killing of his wife Babli at the hands of a local politician Billo.

When a local goon gives them a chance to make quick money by kidnapping a young girl named Baby, they find that they have found the perfect revenge because Baby is the estranged sister-in-law of Billo. And she has an axe to grind against Billo herself. They set off on a road journey which becomes a cat-and-mouse chase between political power, the police and a budding story of forbidden young love on the run.