Gully Boy

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Gully Boy

UA | 14 Feb, 2019 146,577 Votes

Apna Time Aayega

2 hrs 36 min | Biography, Drama, Musical

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22-year-old Murad is the son of a driver, hailing from a ghetto in Mumbai. While his parents expect him to land a white collar job, the youngster`s greatest passion is rap music. In a country where being an artist is often a far-fetched dream for the impoverished, Murad`s struggles to rise above his circumstances and become a musician will send ripples of hip-hop across all social classes, inspiring an entire generation of youngsters.

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BMS Reviewer   rated it
Gully Boy: Film Review - For Souls Who Find Solace In Music
Verdict: If the soul of hip hop were a film, it`d be Gully Boy. Gully Boy embodies Lupe Fiasco`s Hip Hop Saved My Life and presents to us a story of a hip hop artist who rises above his circumstances. ...
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