Haanda Bhonda

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Haanda Bhonda

U | 02 Apr, 2010

2 hrs 24 min | Comedy

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Mridul (Mithun Chakraborty), a meek and humble man, works in the pension department where everyone takes him for a ride because he is honest. At home, he cannot control his son, the motherless Sayan (Aritro) who does everything in school except what he is supposed to do - study. Sayan, too precocious for his age, steals a cell phone to compete with his class fellow Victor, in impressing Neha, a girl both are interested in. He forges his father's signature on his results and when Mridul rebukes him strongly, he calls Mridul an incompetent father. One night, Sayan's mother descends from heaven and reverses the roles of the two with a magic spell. The two wake up to find that the father is trapped in the son's body and the son is trapped in his father's body.