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U | 25 Jun, 2010

2 hrs 15 min | Drama

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In Wanarwadi, Konkan, Anna Gurav is an astrologer, who is quite terrifying. As a result he is feared by all and his word is law. The region is known for its mangoes and Anna`s son, Ajit, has developed a new breed of them, the idea of which doesn`t please Anna. He also has twin daughters, with personalities that are poles apart. Amruta is rebellious while Ankita is meek and in love with a rickshaw driver. The Gurav family has an extra addition, when school teacher Diganber Kale is introduced. An interesting plot brews when Ajit decides to fight for the rights of the mango-farmers and Anna opposes the decision with his predictions. In Haapus, the Director in an entertaining way paints a compulsive portrait of the Gurav Family along with the villagers, who are largely dependant on the Mango crop that blesses them just once a year!