Happy Familyy Pvt. Ltd.

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Happy Familyy Pvt. Ltd.

U | 06 Dec, 2013

Stuck in an uninvited adventure.

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy

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Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd is a comedy feature film which revolves around the story of a rich and happy family which is forced to leave behind the lifestyle of Mumbai and settle in a village. The family is starting to adjust to the rustic environment when Uttam Mehta, a family member is almost shot at gunpoint. The family then makes a move to a location which is untraceable called asbartar system. Antillapur. The things get weirder by day. The family is dumbfounded when they know the village functions on barter system. The village they are stuck in has no value for money. Things further get messed up with the arrival of village villain - Pinky Bhai.