Happy New Year (Kannada)

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Happy New Year (Kannada)

U | 05 May, 2017 2,003 Votes

1 hrs 58 min | Action, Comedy, Romantic

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It is said that life is a never-ending search without knowing what is being sought! This is the heartstring of the movie “Happy New Year”. It is an anthology based on five stories, with a slice of lives of a few people, all culminating on New Year’s eve. There’s a radio jockey, who is also a stand-up comedian with a grief struck heart; a constable who hates his job; an anti-social thug who hates any kind of celebration; an IT techie who thinks new year’s eve is just another day; and a manager of car showroom who is unhappy with his orthodox wife. Desperately in search of a meaningful life, the New Year changes their perspectives forever.