Happy Wedding (Malayalam)

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Happy Wedding (Malayalam)

U | 20 May, 2016 4,794 Votes

A rib-tickling comedy

2 hrs 8 min | Comedy, Romantic


The movie revolves around Hari (Siju Wilson), a Civil Engineering graduate. The story develops around funny incidents that occur in connection with Hari's wedding.

Happy Wedding begins with Hari, Manu (Sharafudheen) and Achayan (Sudhi Koppa) going to a mall where Hari proposes to Lakshmi (Delna) and she avoids him. Being upset by the sudden turn of events, Hari and Manu go to a beer and wine parlour where they meet a stranger (Soubin Shahir) who they call Bhai.

Bhai introduces himself as a motivational speaker and convinces them that he will help Hari in the matters of the heart. Watch Happy Wedding to find out what unfolds next.

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Praveen   rated it
Waste crap movie
Should have made short film..waste of time and money.dialoges screenplay acting substandard .lot of useless characters and annoying situations...