Har Har Byomkesh

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Har Har Byomkesh

UA | 18 Dec, 2015 3,137 Votes

2 hrs 0 min | Musical, Thriller

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Kolkata is ablaze with Hindu-Muslim riots in 1946, when the newly-married Byomkesh Bakshi visits Banaras with wife Satyabati and Ajit on police inspector Purandar Pandey`s invitation. There, the trio is invited to a grand party thrown by zamindar Dipnarayan Singh.

But the next morning, Dipnarayan dies and Byomkesh is called in to solve the case. In due course, he finds that Dipnarayan`s pretty wife, Shakuntala, is pregnant. But the discovery only adds to the confusion. Was Dipnarayan murdered for money or was a secret love affair involved?