Haripada Bandwala

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Haripada Bandwala

UA | 23 Dec, 2016 216 Votes

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy, Romantic

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Haripada Bandwala is a comedy involving one failed singer, a successful actress and a dreaded Don. A struggling singer named Haripada Bandwala (Ankush Hazra) performs in marriages and parties for his living. With a head full of dreams, he aims high and desires to achieve success someday. He is also in love with a successful actress called Sweety (Nusrat Jahan). By a twist of fate, while performing at a wedding he ends up meeting Sweety along with the Don Nandlal (Kharaj Mukherjee). Things take a complete crazy turn as he hires Haripada to pretend to be Sweety`s boyfriend! A hilarious ride of the Bandwala arrives this Christmas!