Hello Namasthe

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Hello Namasthe

U | 19 Feb, 2016 386 Votes

2 hrs 4 min | Comedy, Drama

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Madhav and Jerry are RJs at `Hello FM`, a private FM channel based in Kochi. The highlight show of the channel is named `Hello Namasthe` and presented by Madhav and Jerry - the hit RJ duo (on the lines of Big B and Murugan in Radio Mango). In fact, the sustenance of the channel itself is dependent on this show.
They get to know about an eco-friendly villa project in the city and decide to buy two villas and promote themselves from friends to neighbours. The two families get to the peak of happiness with proximity. But a seemingly small difference of opinion develops among them and they end up fighting with each other. The friction in their personal life slowly starts affecting their professional life too. This domestic matter is then taken up by the colony neighbours, media and politicians and things go out of control. All these developments are presented with a tinge of comedy and wrap up with a happy climax.